Turquoise Jewelry | Turquoise Jewelry Buying Guide
Turquoise Jewelry | Turquoise Jewelry Buying Guide
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Turquoise Jewelry | Turquoise Jewelry Buying Guide

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Turquoise Jewelry Buying Guide:

Each Native American jewelry item is hand crafted and has unique characteristics. When buying turquoise jewelry, we recommend enlarging the pictures to look carefully at the detail of the turquoise and the work of the silversmith. We provide enlarged pictures of every item we have listed, but if you would like to see additional pictures, do not hesitate to email us. By looking closely at the craftsmanship, ask yourself, "how was this piece made?" and try to capture the artistry in how the jeweler made the piece. Learn to identify:

Quality of the Setting:

Sterling Silver is .925 (92.5% pure sterling silver) pure. Indian jewelers however do not generally use the .925 stamp in their jewelry unlike some of the Mexican jewelers or importers of imitation American Indian jewelry.

Jewelry Techniques:

Hand-made Indian jewelry displays marks of hammers, chisels and file-work and when enlarged, small irregularities can be seen. Sandcast sterling silver jewelry is made by carving the jewelry form into sandstone or volcanic stone (tufcast), then pouring molten silver into the pattern. In mass-produced jewelry, the method of spin-casting reveals striations resulting from centrifugal forces in the casting process. This jewelry is generally an imitation of the original and is common with importers of "Indian like" jewelry.

Quality of Workmanship:

Hand-made American Indian jewelry should be well balanced but unsymmetrical as well. The edges should not be rough and the solder marks should be barely visible. The jewelry settings should be artistically formed to hold the gemstone in asymmetrical balance. In mosaic jewelry common to  Santo Domingo Indian jewelry, the gemstones should be cut and fitted with exactness. Cluster and needlepoint jewelry, common among the Navajo and Zuni Indian jewelry, the placement of each gemstone should be well balanced. In traditional hand-made turquoise jewelry, each strike by the chisel of the silversmith creates distinctive markings on the silver, and the unique characteristics of the turquoise or other gemstone makes for a one-of-a-kind collectable piece of jewelry.
Turquoise from various turquoise mines has distinctive characteristics: Bisbee Turquoise, Number 8 Turquoise, Kingman Turquoise, Turquoise Mountain Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee Turquoise:

Bisbee turquoise is mined near Bisbee, AZ and is one of the most collectable and expensive turquoise gemstones because of its rarity, high density and extreme clarity. The Bisbee turquoise mine has recently been declared depleted and was subsequently buried under 50 feet of dirt.
Number 8 Turquoise 

Number 8 Turquoise:

The Number 8 Turquoise mine was in Carlin, NV but since first mined in 1929 has been depleted in 1961. While active the Number 8 Turquoise mine produced some of the largest turquoise gemstones ever mined. Number 8 Turquoise is also referred as the gold-webbed turquoise due to its unique matrix of colors ranging from golden brown to black, set against the powder blue stone. Since the depletion of the mine and the unique characteristics of Number 8 Turquoise, this gemstone has become highly collectable.
Kingman Turquioise 

Kingman Turquoise:

The Kingman Turquoise mine in northwestern Arizona is one of the largest turquoise mines in existence. The color of the Kingman Turquoise has become a standard for the industry. The mine became famous for it’s high grade bright blue nuggets with a distinctive black matrix. Natural Kingman Turquoise is highly collectable.
Turquoise Mountain Turquoise 

Turquoise Mountain Turquoise:

Located near Kingman Mountain, Turquoise Mountain produces some of the most beautiful turquoise mined today. The gemstone has a distinct range in color from pale blue to lime green that makes Turquoise Mountain Turquoise one of the most sought after gemstones. Also referred to as “Birdseye” turquoise, which describes the gemstone’s character of light blue, circled with a darker blue matrix resembling that of a bird’s eye.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise:

The Sleeping Turquoise mine in near Globe, AZ. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is noted for it’s solid, light blue gemstone with no matrix. This mine is also one of the largest in the Southwest. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is one of the most popular with the Zuni Pueble silversmiths for use in petite point and inlay jewelry designs.

Turquoise jewelry has become quite the fashion statement to the modern wardrobe. There are many varieties of gemstones, all with unique characteristics which are mined from the various regions of the United States.

Double Dee Deals specializes in many varieties of this special gemstone. We carry a wide selection of turquoise rings, turquoise bracelets, turquoise necklaces, turquoise pendants, turquoise earrings, hair accessories, belt buckles, bolo ties and much more with these gems mined and settings in Blue Ridge Turquoise, Bisbee Turquoise, Number 8 Turquoise jewelry, Kingman Turquoise jewelry, Turquoise Mountain Turquoise jewelry, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry, Royston, Blue Ridge, Carico Lake mines and more. Please visit our Gemstone Directory to learn more about the different mines and the many variations available.

Turquoise is considered by the Native Americans to be the sky stone. For centuries, generations have been intrigued by this gem and it has been incorporated into ceremonial and everyday jewelry, and has long been passed down to generations. The wearer actually develops a unique bond with the turquoise jewelry as the body oils evolve the color and character of the gemstone.

When considering your purchase, the value of your turquoise Native American jewelry is determined by the density, depth of color, stone matrix and rarity of the gemstone. Density is most important because it determines the stones color, depth, brilliance and is considered a semi-precious gemstone, each with its own unique character. The most valuable grades, also being the rarest, have deep brilliant shades of blues and greens that can be reflected as a clear morning sky.

Matrix is what gives each gemstone it’s unique character and signature. In grading the matrix, a pattern that is evenly distributed is most valuable. The “Spider web” matrix is the rarest and most sought after.

Many shoppers of turquoise jewelry however are mainly interested in finding that special piece with a certain shape, color and matrix that calls to them. The silver setting also adds value by displaying the gemstone to its best advantage.

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