Native American Dream Catchers | Dreamcatcher Meaning | Dream Catcher Jewelry
Native American Dream Catchers | Dreamcatcher Meaning | Dream Catcher Jewelry
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Top » Catalog » Dream Catchers Native American Dream Catchers and American Indian Dreamcatcher Jewelry

Native American Dream Catchers | Dream Catcher Jewelry

Dream Catchers ►

Dream Catchers ►
Dream Catcher Jewelry ►

Native Americcan Dream Catchers | Dreamcatchers Native Americcan Dream Catcher Jewelry | Dreamcatcher Jewelry 
Dream Catchers ► Dream Catcher Jewelry ►


Originally the Dream Catcher was intended in teaching natural wisdom. Made of a ring willow twigs and woven with a web deer sinew and adorned with personal fetishes of natural feathers and one gemstone which symbolized only one creator in the web of life. The feathers would differ between male and female as the women’s feathers would be from the owl, signifying wisdom. The men’s feather would be from the eagle as a sign of courage. The web would be woven in eight directions from the center representing eight legs of the spider. We have also read of some dreamcatchers having seven directions indicating the seven prophecies.

Dream catchers are a fascinating part of the culture of the Native Americans originating from the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Nation who believed that the dreamcatcher would alter a person’s dreams by protecting the sleeper from negative dreams by catching bad dreams inside its web and allowing good dreams to filter through the center hole and descend down the feathers to the dreamer. The slightest movement of the feathers would indicate the passage of another beautiful dream. Bad dreams however were trapped in the web and would be burned off by the morning sun. The parents or grandparents of newborns would weave the dreamcatcher and hang it over the cradle to give the infant peaceful and beautiful dreams. During the Pan-Indian movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s though, the dream catcher started becoming popular in other Native American tribes like the Cherokee, Lakota, and Navajo.

As a traditional arts and crafts of the Native American people, the dream catcher has been part of ancient Native culture for generations. The dreamcatcher however has become a recognized symbol in Native American Jewelry making and has now even been adopted by non-Native American cultures, such as in New Age traditions.

Contemporary Native American dream catchers are still hand-made and are available in an assortment of colors in natural leather, black, medium and light brown, tan, pink, purple, orange, yellow, red and blue. The natural feathers also come in natural colors or dyed in the same colors which have become increasingly popular. Dream catches crafted today may have four gemstones representing the four directions with no feathers.

All Native American dream catchers sold come with certification of authenticity including the artists name, tribal affiliation and census number.

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