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Native American Jewelry Articles

Article date: July 29, 2013

Silver and Turquoise Native American Jewelry is Back on the Runways

Turquoise and Silver Jewelry is huge among Designers. Native American silver jewelry is showing up on the runway in all the Design Houses along with gold and leather in this season’s fashions. Native American artists have used sterling silver for years, but today’s economic climate with its affordability is giving it an edgy appeal. You will even find some of the top jewelry retailers such Tiffany’s, Cartier and Gucci shifting their focus in adding many more A-listed items of sterling silver jewelry and leather in their offering.

Untitled 1 We have all heard the advertising to buy gold, but did you know that the price of silver is likely to see higher appreciation than gold over the next months and years. In fact in the past two years, the price of gold increased approximately 84%, while the price of silver increased more than 200%. Many informed investors of silver have suggested that with the current momentum in the silver price, there is no sign of slowing down. In fact an investor report in March this year suggested that silver prices are likely to continue to rise for the next 10 years.

This rise in silver pricing makes your purchase of Native American jewelry a wonderful investment not only as a collectable but due to the investment grade of sterling silver. In fact sellers of silver jewelry are seeing increased value of their inventory and record sales in relatively poor economic conditions.

Although Silver is affordable its price has quietly risen 300% in the last 5 years and is up over 50% this year alone. Many investment advisers* recommend a portion of one's investment be in silver and gold. Trend setters who have chosen sterling silver and Native American jewelry over the years are now benefiting by having jewelry worth more than they paid for it.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Double Dee Deals sterling silver Native American jewelry and turquoise jewelry collection. It is both in fashion and and an investment.

Every Native American jewelry piece we sell comes with certification of authenticity as being Native American made and is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

*Double Dee Deals does not provide investment advice. The statements of in this article are taken from our individual research. Please consult your own investment adviser for what might be a good investment for you.

Article date: March 17, 2014

Where to Find Native American Turquoise Jewelry

There are many stores selling jewelry to the public at discounted prices. However, most stores tend to sell the same type of jewelry and accessories. At the same time, many ecommerce websites sell unique items that are hard to find elsewhere, such as Native American jewelry. This type of jewelry is sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts, especially those in search of authentic Native American pieces. Turquoise jewelry is one of the most popular choices in Native American Jewelry stores, as it works well with many different looks, and can be casual or even a little dressy. Anyone in search of Native jewelry needs to make sure the store selling the items isn’t carrying imposter pieces. Trusted sellers show a disclaimer so that buyers know if an item is real.
In fact, ensuring that the store selling Native American jewelry is authentic should be a priority before spending hard earned cash on an expensive item. It’s important to exercise caution when shopping for Indian made jewelry and make sure each piece under consideration is authenticated by an Indian artist. Luckily, there are ecommerce webstores like Double Dee Deals that specialize in selling Native jewelry that has been authenticated.
Stores selling genuine turquoise jewelry care about providing customers with quality designed jewelry by real Indian artists who take their craft seriously and want to bring a part of their culture to the American public. A trustworthy store will carry items that have been formally authenticated by Navajo, Choctaw, Santo Domingo, Zuni, and Hopi artists. Each piece should come with certification of authenticity.
When people shop for Native American jewelry, they usually want a large selection from which to choose. With a good ecommerce webstore the options won’t be limited. A high quality vendor should sell a wide range of different products, including gold and silver pieces with gemstones, different styles of jewelry, as well as rings, bracelets, belt buckles, even hair clips and hat bands.
Of course, the staple should be turquoise jewelry, as this type of jewelry is what best represents the Native tradition. Remember, a good store will only sell quality items, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to find amazing jewelry for reasonable prices. This is often one of the greatest benefits of shopping on the internet.
At it’s easy to find genuine, authenticated Native jewelry for a wide range of different prices. Each genuine piece comes with a certification of authenticity, so shoppers know they are getting the real deal every time. In addition, the website makes shopping even easier by allowing customers to shop by price, jewelry type, or browse all the products available.
Double Dee Deals offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every purchase, which means if a customer is unhappy with a purchase made through the site, he or she can return the item for a full refund. The store is constantly adding new pieces to the collection, so it’s easy to find something to love.

Article date: February 17, 2014

Turquoise Jewelry Using American Gemstones from Native Craftsmen is The World’s Finest

Turquoise is one of the great gemstones with a history that goes back as far as human civilization.Thought to change colors reflecting the health of someone wearing turquoise jewelry and to protect the wearer, it was prized by the ancient Aztecs, Egyptians and Persians and was known as Sky Stone to Native Americans.King Tut’s burial mask, one of the best known symbols of popular Egyptian history, was inlaid with turquoise.Turquoise is classified as a secondary mineral, which means that it’s formed through weathering effects on existing minerals.Because of this means of formation, it seldom forms crystals like other gemstones, making the work of the skilled artisan who crafts the turquoise into a piece of jewelry even more important.It’s generally accepted that Native American jewelry using turquoise ranks among the best in the world.

While China has been an exporter of turquoise jewelry for centuries, the quality of the pieces and the workmanship is often inferior, making for attractively low prices. However, buying a lower grade imported piece often leads to disappointment. Occasionally, exceptionally low priced “turquoise jewelry” is being sold that turns out to made from artificial turquoise. There are a number of different methods for producing fake gemstones, including dying magnesite or using glass, enamel, ceramics, porcelain and even plastics. Shoppers who want to be protected from inadvertently buying fake or low grade turquoise jewelry can focus on Native American jewelry. Double Dee Deals is a good example of a trusted retailer, providing a wide range of turquoise jewelry styles using variations of the gem from specific US mines, each having unique characteristics.

Double Dee Deals offers hand crafted turquoise jewelry and specializes in pieces made by Native American artists, including those from the Hopi, Navajo and Zuni tribes. The gemstones are sourced from American mines including Royston, Number 8 and Blue Gem. Each piece of Native American jewelry ships with a Certification of Authenticity and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring a shopper’s protection from accidentally buying lower grade imported gemstones.

Turquoise jewelry can be among the most beautiful pieces in anyone’s collection. High quality gemstones combined with skilled artisans make for the ultimate in appearance and value and nothing can top Native American jewelry for bringing these two factors together. Anyone searching for the most stunning turquoise pieces available need look no further than Double Dee Deals for spectacular jewelry backed by a Certificate of Authenticity.

About The Author:

William Brill is a gemologist and author who has written several definitive guides to buying gemstones, including a book on the history of turquoise jewelry through the ages. He notes that the gemstone has been popular for hundreds (if not thousands) of years and its usual bluish green color has made it prized for use in ornamental jewelry. According to Brill, while some of the oldest known deposits are in Iran and the Sinai Peninsula, Native American jewelry made from US gem-grade turquoise ranks among the finest quality in the world.

Article date: April 1, 2014

How to Check the Authenticity of Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is beautiful and a perfect example of handmade Native art that represents America’s history and diversity of culture. Many people search for this type of jewelry email and in person, but it can be difficult to differentiate between cheap knockoffs and authentic pieces that have been carefully crafted by Native artisans. This is especially true for newcomers to the world of Native American jewelry and crafts. Luckily, becoming informed about how to determine if a piece of jewelry is authentic makes it possible to separate the real deal from the imposters. Keep in mind, real turquoise jewelry has a rare beauty that it’s just not possible to fully copy in another form. Plus, buying authentic Native jewelry helps support local tribes and indigenous peoples.

One way to learn more about authentic turquoise jewelry and other Native art is to read about the topic and become educated through the Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture (CIAC). This organization exists to inform the general public about indigenous art and ensure more people understand the importance of purchasing authentic jewelry and crafts.

When buying a piece of Native American jewelry, don’t be gullible and believe everyone who claims to be selling authentic pieces of jewelry. Ask questions – real artisans will be happy to provide answers and discuss the pieces they have created or are selling on behalf of the community. Start by asking where the jewelry was made. Authentic pieces should be made by Native artists from actual indigenous tribes.

Another tip when shopping for turquoise jewelry is to ask for a certificate of authenticity that includes pertinent information, such as the name and even contact information of the artist who produced the work. It should also include the tribe with which the artist is associated and a thorough description of the item. Peruse the certificate to find out what materials were used in making the piece, and the type of stones used.

Authentic Native American jewelry is made out of natural stones, rather than imitation stones. It is always a higher quality than pieces produced cheaply in China or another country offshore. The certificate should also state the value of the jewelry, as this is a good indicator of authenticity. An item that doesn’t cost very much is probably not authentic.

Another question to ask a vendor is whether the piece is handmade, handcrafted, or machine-made. All authentic pieces of jewelry are handmade, which means they have been constructed and put together by the artisan. Handcrafted may sound authentic, but this only means that someone took pre-fabricated pieces and put them together. Obviously, machine-made is not authentic.

Double Dee Deals sells authentic Native American Jewelry and real Turquoise Jewelry. We are firm believers that a jewelry collection should be both beautiful and affordable, and that style should never be sacrificed for cost. All of the jewelry, whether turquoise, coral, lapis or other gems, comes with a price tag reflecting the greatest value available on Native American wearable art and Dream Catchers. And what’s more, all of the jewelry pieces contained within our collections are presented with the utmost attention to detail, design and craftsmanship, making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces. With each piece you will receive the Double Dee Deals Certificate of Authenticity and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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